Tips - Carlo Saltalamacchia

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom mobile allows selected images to be kept in the cloud. It allows you to Sync these with your iPhone, iPad or Computer. It will NOT sync between 2 computers like a Macbook and iMac. So choose your one main computer and mobile devices.

I keep my main Lightroom library on the iMac and use the iPhone and iPad with LR Mobile. When a photo is taken on the iPhone and imported into LR Mobile it automatically populates LR on the iMac. It stores the image in Folders/iPhone 6/Imported photo’s. The collections you create on the iPhone are not duplicated on the iMac. Its just a big list of the images. Photos on the iPad does the same but in location on the iMac Folders/iPad Mini/Imported Photo’s. Also a collection is auto created on the iMac for each mobile device called “From LR Mobile” with a sub directory for each mobile device.

Editing images on iMac updates all mobile devices Editing images on a mobile device updates on all mobile devices and iMac Deleting images on a Mobile device removes them but not from the main iMac library ????. To add images from iMac to the LR Mobile. Create a collection and drag images in. Set the collection to sync with LRmobile. Note One way of moving RAW images between computers is using Airdrop

Working with a laptop

When working away from for desktop computer and using a laptop you can import, organise and edit your images for later exporting to your office iMac with all your edits and adjustments in tact.

This is done by exporting your catalogue to a folder for later importing into your imac’s catalogue. On the Laptop export your chosen folder as a catalogue by right clicking on it. Select “Export this folder as a catalogue”. Name it and save to desktop. Check boxes for “export as negative files” and “include available previews” Move the folder to the iMac On the iMac go to File/Import from another catalogue Navigate to the catalogue file inside the saved folder. Select “Copy new photo’s to a new location and import”. Select the destination folder ie User/Carlo/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom album

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